Some customers contact support (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  regarding poor speedtest results, here are out thoughts on this topic.

In some area's we are using some high end equipment that uses TDM (Time division muliplexing) and QoS (Quality of service) and due to the fact that we do not have our own speedtest server inside our network, the numbers shown to the customers is not accurate.  During busy times of the day our system will prioritize traffic and speedtest is not a priority.

If you are just running speedtest to see how the network is running dont bother.  the only real test is real traffic so just turn on Netflix or some other "paid" service that we know is high quality. If that stream runs without any issues then all is good.   

And just so our customers understand that speedtest does NOT Test the speed of the internet.  It only tests the providers internal network speed as the server is generally local not somewhere out on the Internet. NO service provider can guarantee network speeds on other connected networks. Remember the Internet is just a network of networks.

If you are having streaming issues and just want to run a speedtest as a guide then if at all possible plug in a network cable from the computer you are running the test from directly to the router.  WiFi is the weakest link in the chain and these results will be skewed further.

We all depend on WiFi of course but make sure you have a good router with high gain external antennas.

There is a "new"  WiFi standard that is out but not too popular yet as all devices would have to be updated to connect using this new standard.  If you purchased one of the new TP-Link routers from us that has the new standard in it.  It is called "WiFi6" or "ax" or similar.....  This new standard helps with interference which in return gives you more speed with less network delay that is inharent in the old standards.  The government is not helping much either as there are just not enough frequencies available for home WiFi thus anybody close by could be interfering with your WiFi. The government is always "working on it"! Just too slowly for the speed of  internet requirements of today.


On my last note....

How much speed do you really need?

This is the best question of them all....  Marketing departments of the large providers always need something new to sell and speed is what they sell.  Huge budgets in advertising have convinced consumers that they need hundreds of megabits but the truth is that you don't.  Currently the average usage is not as high as you might think!  The goverment is currently stating that we should all have 50M x 10M and this is a more realistic number but that even includes a bit of future proofing. If the average customer had 25M x 10M this is usually more than enough for the moment.



Merlink Support CTO


 if the above looks like greek just remember I am a tech not an english major. Maybe I should have had my daughter read it first!!! :-)